Virendra Sharma MP hosts a national group of academics, activists, and Parliamentarians on a discussion to address the need to decolonise the British curriculum

Nirpal Singh Shergill
London, January 23 (SINA NEWS) : Mr Virendra Sharma MP Ealing-Southall, hosted the ‘Decolonising the British Curriculum’ event today with over 30 academics and young activists attending the session. He was joined by the Shadow Education Secretary, Kate Green MP and his Parliamentary colleagues from across both Houses of Parliament. The attendees of the high-level meeting explored the problems faced in decolonising the national urriculum and discussed about how best to educate students of the complexity in diverse societies and race relations affected by Britain’s colonial past.  Student activists from the campaign group ‘Fill In The Blanks’ opened the floor to the discussion by drawing attention to the importance of every child leaving school with a well-rounded education of Britain’s history. 

During the meeting, Mr Virendra Sharma MP said:  “It is a problem that has always existed, and many of us here have campaigned on it for many years. I believe British children should learn not just about 1,000 years of British success and innovation, but also about the human cost across the world of expedition, exploration and exploitation. That is one small part of that story that everyone here cares about bringing into our schools.” 

Tweeting after the meeting, the Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green MP said:  ‘This was a very worthwhile and powerful event. I learnt a lot, have lots to think about.’  Dr Clive James Nwonka from the London School of Economics tweeted: “Was a privilege to be a part of this. The perspectives from the young, academics and activists on the current state of the education system show how critical a decolonised British curriculum both within schools and universities is.” Following on from this event, Mr Virendra Sharma MP for Ealing, Southall will be hosting a public meeting
in April to commemorate the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, of April 13th, 1919 and to discuss how the memory of events like this is erased from our consciousness by a colonised curriculum. 

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